SSR Supporting Documents


Extended Profile

1.1: Report of first year students admitted for the year 2014-15 , 2015-16 , 2016-17 , 2017-18 and 2018-19

5.1.1: Complete Scholarship Information from 2014-15 up to 2018-19

Criterion I: Curricular Aspects

1.1.1: Minutes of Meetings of Curriculum Committee
1.1.1: Notices for meeting of curriculum committee
Action taken report by curriculum committee
 Industrial Visit Details


Criterion II: Teaching-Learning and Evaluation Sports and Cultural Activities Other Extramural Activities
2.3.1: Student-centric methods are used for enhancing learning experience
2.3.5_1: Avishkar sample documents
2.3.5_2: Project allotment with project titles
2.4.1: Recruitment Advertisements
2.6.2: Annual Report
2.6.4: Parent-Teacher Meeting
2.6.4: Parent Teacher Meeting 2020


Criterion III: Research, Innovation and Extension

3.2.1: Details of facilities and innovations
3.4.1 and 3.4.2: Activity Reports
3.4.3: Awards and Recognitions


Criterion IV: Physical Facilities

4.2.1: List of facilities at teaching hospital
4.2.1: MOU with Hospital
4.2.1: Facilities in attached hospital
4.3.3: Subscription Details
4.3.5: Library Usage of students and teachers
4.4.2: Documents related to updation of IT and Wi-Fi facilities
4.4.2: Wi-Fi Details
4.5.2: Minutes of the meetings of the Maintenance Committee
4.5.2: Maintenance Work Record


Criterion V – Student Support and Progression

5.1.1: List of students benefitted by Scholarship/freeship, etc year-wise
5.1.3: Activity Reports
5.2.1: List of students qualified state/national level examinations
5.2.1: List of students appeared for competitive exam
5.2.2_1: Placement Data for B Pharmacy (UG)
5.2.2_2: Placement Data for M Pharmacy (PG)
5.2.3: Proofs of students progressing to higher educaiton
5.3.1: Award letters of sports/Cultural Student Council Student council activity report
5.3.3: Sports and Cultural Meeting Details Alumni Meeting details Audited statement of Alumni Alumni Registration Certificate
5.4.2: Details of alumni contributions


Criterion VI – Governance, Leadership and Management

6.1.1: Approved Vision Mission
6.1.1 Achievements which led to Institutional excellence
6.1.2 Details of decentralization
6.2.1_1: Organizational Structure
6.2.1_2: Minutes of meeting of CDC
6.2.1_3: Minutes of meeting of CDC (Duly attested with English Translation)
6.2.1_4: Strategic Plan Policy Document Group Accidental Insurance Group Mediclaim Facility List of beneficiaries of welfare measures Proof of beneficiaries under Welfare schemes
6.3.5-1 Performance appraisal format for Teaching Faculty
6.3.5 -2 Performance appraisal format for Administrative Faculty
6.3.5-2 Performance appraisal format for lab assistant and lab attendant
6.4.1: Resource Mobilization
6.4.2: Internal Audit
6.4.3: Account Statements – Funds and Grants received


Criterion VII – Institutional Values and Best Practices

7.1.2: Measures initiated by the institution for the promotion of gender equity
7.1.4 Waste Management Facility
7.1.8: Institutional efforts / initiatives in providing an inclusive environment